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Educator, Curriculum Developer, Consultant 

I am an Anishinaabe educator, curriculum developer and consultant from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have over ten years experience working with children and youth in multiple capacities including child welfare, children’s disAbility services  family programming, and teaching.  


Testimonials and Reviews 

"Christine produced the teachers’ guide for my graphic novel “Surviving the City”. She used her experience as a classroom teacher to produce an informative, accessible and helpful guide for her colleagues to use to enrich the learning experiences of their students.

She is both thoughtful and thorough and I look forward to working with her on future projects"

Tasha Spillett


In knowing Christine, I have come to learn that she is a committed champion to all that is education! Her soft spoken approach to sharing information is showered in knowledge and empathy with a fierce dedication to her Indigenous roots. She is a life long learner and an excellent role model for youth and adults alike. Christine works endlessly to author creative inclusive curricula that mindfully addresses historical facts and current social issues that supports healing and growth within our community. Her kindness and generosity has won the hearts and admiration of all who know her. Her passion and desire to implement quality education coupled with her grace and dignity is what makes her an outstanding leader in our community

JoAnn Wright


Every journey has a starting point, and in their (re)teaching/(re)learning of the current issues and histories of settler colonial Canada, teachers and students are increasingly turning to the graphic novel as their place from which to set out. And what can every journey benefit from?  A guide. If Tasha Spillet and Natasha Donavon's work on Surviving the City Vol. 1 forms a part of teachers' and students' learning journey (and make no mistake, it should), then the Teacher's Guide produced by Christine M'Lot is a competent and loving companion and guide to the stories of Miikwan, Dez and their communities. Wise, imaginative and practical, this Guide will serve educators well.

Monique Woroniak

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