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"What is Indigenous Education?"

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Red Rising Education's First Video Resource for Teachers

The Red Rising Education team has produced a video to help you get started teaching about Indigenous topics in your classroom, in a way that honours Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. The majority of teachers we spoke with said that they didn’t know how to start integrating Indigenous topics into the classroom, for fear of getting it wrong. This prompted the Red Rising Education Team to interview some outstanding Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, principals and knowledge keepers to ask them to help you get started.

Listen to what they had to say!

Special thanks to those we interviewed:

Mitch Bourbonniere

Craig Settee

Helen Settee

Sherry Copenace

Jackie Connell

Victoria Inglis

Jennifer Wiebe

Produced by Christine M'Lot and Jen Doerksen

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