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Red Rising Education

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Resources for students and teachers

The Red Rising curriculum focuses on the following aspects of Indigenous pedagogy: land and place, community, culture, and story. Our work is guided by interviews with respected Indigenous and non- Indigenous educators and community leaders in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who have been leading the way in honouring Indigenous ways of knowing in our school systems and our communities. We are grateful to our teachers and collaborators, and aim to specify the name and nation of each person who has contributed to the lessons within this unit plan.

Practicing gratitude and striving for specificity are particularly important when working with Indigenous peoples. ‘Indigenous’ is a broad term that includes many nations around the world. Properly attributing the work of Indigenous peoples is a concrete way that you can resist the historical erasure of Indigenous peoples and ongoing appropriation of their work. We hope that you will share this practice of gratitude by honouring the source of your learning at the start of your own lessons. In so doing, you will be following Cree and Ojibwe values and practices from the territory now known as Manitoba.

We have also compiled a special edition magazine to accompany the unit plans, which features art and writing specially selected from Issues 1-6, as well as a couple bonus pieces by youth.

To purchase our special-edition Education magazine, or any of our unit plans, email us at

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