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Indigenous Math Course 40S

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Created for the Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology's Youth Build Program

This course creatively and synergistically combines Indigenous knowledge, math and carpentry topics by weaving together Indigenous culture and mathematics within the Grade 12 Manitoba Essential Math curriculum outcomes. This curriculum document is designed to help teachers expand their existing practice to incorporate culturally relevant approaches to mathematics and carpentry education.

This curriculum was created using existing indigenized mathematics material available and pertinent to Canadian Indigenous students, as well as the creation of original material with a focus on Indigenous concepts relating to mathematics and carpentry education from an Anishinaabe and Cree perspective. Examples of sources that were utilized include “Teaching Mathematics in a First Peoples Context” (First Nations Education Steering Committee, 2011); “Indigenous Knowledge and Mathematics” (First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education Association of Ontario, 2017); as well as Treaty Education resources (Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, 2020).

While there are a number of Indigenous math education resources that have been developed across Canada, it was especially important for new local resources to be developed for use in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ethnomathematics is a theoretical framework that focuses on reclaiming mathematics as part of Indigenous culture with an emphasis on math connecting to local culture. It was for this reason that three original video resources were created to connect local Indigenous culture to the Grade 12 Manitoba Essential Math curriculum.

Examples of new material that have been created from a Manitoba context include a birch bark basket weaving video demonstration with Knowledge Keeper Andrea Redsky, an art mural demonstration and interview with Peatr Thomas, and a Business Education interview with Hanwakan Whitecloud. The definition of “Knowledge Keeper” was expanded to include youth under 30 (Peatr and Hanwakan) as a deliberate attempt to include role models similar in age to enrolled in the YouthBuild Program.

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